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Rods Serrated Diamond Sharpening

The smiths dret diamond retractablesharpener is a great way to sharpen your diamonds quickly and efficiently. This sharpener has a built-in blade sharpener and a key ring for easy storage. It can sharpen up to 24 diamonds at a time. The sharpener is also stopping motion compatible and includes a tool head for perfect, even sharpening.

Diamond Sharpener Diamond Mesh

Top Rods Serrated Diamond Sharpening Reviews

This is a sharpening stone that comes with a new smiths pp1 pocket knife. It has a multitaction knife sharpening function. It is made of diamond sharpening stone and has a rood serrated surface.
this is a quick and easy to use knife sharpener that will help keep your diamond rod sharpened. The keyed system makes it easy to use and keeps the knife in check while you're working.
this eze-lap st. Pen type sharpener for serrated blades multi-colored has sharpening elements that are red, yellow, and green. They are spaced evenly throughout the pen type sharpener, and will help to keep your serrated blade in top condition. This sharpener is also multi-colored, so you can see how it's being used.